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The Story Behind Our Story

In The Beginning There Was One: The Man Behind The Story

Hi, I’m Damon Cozamanis. 17 years ago I graduated from Life University, and like most recent grads, I was up to my eyeballs in student debt, barely scraping together the funds to cover my living expenses. It was a very uncertain time for me. With a little room on my credit card and whole lot of hope, I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own practice.

Bumpy Beginnings On the Debt Train

The growing expenses of my fledgling practice kept me perpetually stressed – feeling like I was riding a fine line between failure, and living to fight another day. So the idea of spending another $6k-10k on EHR software was almost laughable… and completely out of the question. I decided that pen and paper were the best option for me at that time.

Where There Is Desire, There’s Bound To Be A Flame

I just wanted some peace of mind from the teetering towers of paper clutter that began to accumulate on my desk. It was at that point I finally decided that if a solution didn’t already exist, I would build one! In 2007, I managed to capture the interest of an acquaintance who worked in software development and who offered to help me build my own practice management software. One year later, I had a custom note taking application that for the most part served it’s purpose, but still lacked many much-needed features to run an efficient practice.

Determined to push forward, I devoted all my spare time (and a majority of my income from my practice) into the ongoing development of my software application. When I wasn’t treating patients, I was fully immersed in this new world that became my passion and my plight.

The Ultimate Feedback Loop

After running my own successful practice for over a decade and averaging 300 patient visits per week — I knew every hiccup, chokepoint, and software challenge you could imagine. Using these challenges as the basis for my continual upgrades – a wonderful feedback loop emerged. It propelled my business forward as the system became tuned into the growing needs of my practice and was fueled by real world experiences.

Building The Team That Built The Dream

When I met my partner Bryan in 2010 – it was game time. I told him about my ongoing software project and he said, “Damon, show me what you’ve got, and let’s see where we can take this.” Bryan’s more than 12 years of experience in the US Healthcare Industry and EHR development, were integral in our rapid growth.

That same year I met Maria, my third partner and a veteran in the medical insurance industry. Her sharp insights around inner claims operations gave us an unrivaled understanding of medical billing. This is built into our service and provides a clear picture in a sometimes-hazy area of operations.

Taking It To The Next Level & Into The Cloud

Our goal was simple. To develop a superior EHR software for chiropractors that was 100% cloud-based, and affordable to all. Alas, in 2012, ChiroFusion was born. It was so well received by the chiropractic community that we took on a total of 12 employees our very first year! Today, we proudly boast a total of 24 full-time employees that work tirelessly to deliver a world-class application and exceptional customer support.

In 2016, we were selected by Inc Magazine as one of the fast growing private companies in America. In fact, ChiroFusion is the only chiropractic EHR vendor to have ever received this distinguished honor.

Humbled Beginnings And Never Endings

Never losing sight of my humbled beginnings, I take great pride in knowing that I have fulfilled an achievement not only for myself, but also for my fellow chiropractic colleagues. I have always believed in treating our clients like people and not numbers on a spreadsheet. My team and I work with our clients daily to help them achieve their practice goals in a personal and empathetic way.

The one thing I find most enjoyable and rewarding is the personal relationship I develop with each and every one of our clients. I invite you to see for yourself what thousands of chiropractors across America have already discovered.

To Your Success!

Damon Z. Cozamanis, D.C. – ChiroFusion Founder and President